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Broward Health Pediatric Unit Transformation

Location: Coral Springs, FL
Completed: June 2015

“I am passionate about the satisfaction of our patients and staff. This transformation is beyond what even I could imagine.”
- Caren Bock, MSN, MBA, MHA, RN, CPN Regional Manager, Children's Services, Pediatric ED, Peds, PICU, NICU

Having created extensive artwork for their sister hospital, Broward General, our clients already knew our work and asked us...Click here to read more

Broward Health Medical Center Emergency Department

Location: Coral Springs, FL
Completed: June 2015

“I wish you could hear all of the amazing comments we get about your artwork. Everyone loves it!”
- Diana Guayara, Project Coordinator

BHMC wanted to provide compassion to their patients, not just through their staff, but also using compassionate artwork. Dänay Design™ was contracted to bring this vision to life, creating a caring atmosphere...Click to read more

Broward Health Same Day Surgery

Location: Coral Springs, FL
Completed: June 2015

“I love the softness and colors of these compassionate characters.
- Diana Guyara, Project Coordinator

In line with our Compassion in Art™ concept for hospital appropriate artwork, we understood our clients’ need to have something in their 5 recovery rooms where patients just out of anesthesia would be resting. ...Click here to read more

Pediatric Parent Lounge

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Completed: November 2003

“Our parents and staff love this room!”
- Carol Bhim, Manager of Pediatric Services

When our client, Carol Bhim, contacted us about refurbishing their Parent Lounge, we knew this was an opportunity to create a special environment. Parents who are tired, anxious and deeply concerned about their children need an atmosphere of calm, a place where they can momentarily ...Click here to read more

Plant City Pediatrics

Location: Plant City, FL
Completed: June 2010

“We are extremely pleased with the work that Danay Design did at our office. Each piece was crafted with care and attention to detail and made our office pop! The children love the 3 dimensional pieces. It was a pleasure to work with you and everything was delivered just as promised."”
-Mary Kifer
Practice Administrator

This project was great to be involved with because our clients got it from the beginning that it’s about creating an experience for their patients. ...Click here to read more

Fort Benning North Columbus Medical Home

Location: Coral Springs, FL
Completed: June 2015

"This is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for listening! Great to work with you."
-Steve Wilkinson, Project Coordinator

This facility was created so that military personnel can be seen after hours for non emergency or urgent care needs. Our client asked us to create two murals reflecting scenes of the Columbus area behind their logo....click here to read more

Broward General Oncology Hematology

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Completed: November 2009

“Excellent Work!”
- Dr. W. Vincent Burke, MD
Medical Director

When Administrator, Rita Frantz, approached us with this project, we did our usual sigh in realizing the patients being seen in this unit are children. The primary focus was the entrance which was very dark and set back and probably scary for kids to walk up to. ...Click here to read more

Chris Evert Pediatric Entrance Hallway

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Completed: September 2008

“What a transformation!”
- Jim Thaw, CEO

Before and after photos are always amazing to see. We have a lot of them to see on our website. But this project is probably one of the most striking differences. So much so, ...Click here to read more

Fort Stewart Acute Care Unit

Location: Hinesville, GA
Completed: March 2008

“I have never seen such beautiful artwork in a hospital.”
- Fred Lee Author of "If Disney Ran Your Hospital"

This unit was very small and continued the Tuscany theme that ran throughout the ER. ...Click here to read more

Fort Belvoir DeWitt Hospital - Labor and Delivery Hallway

Location: Coral Springs, FL
Completed: June 2015

“Beautiful work. Thank you for your contribution to the care of our patients and families.”
- Charles W. Callahan, COL MC Commander, DeWitt Army Community Hospital and Health Care Network

This was another fun project. We were asked to take a drab hallway that leads into the Labor ...Click here to read more

Winn Army Hospital Emergency Triage Center

Location: Hinesville, GA
Completed: April 2008

“Fabulous Work!”
- Commander Collins

Major Dubose requested a Tuscany theme right from the beginning for this very busy unit. He wanted the patients to have a feeling before they even entered the facility that they would be taken care of. We used actual photos of ...Click here to read more

New Hanover Women And Children Pavilion

Location: Wilmington,NC
Completed: September 2008

“Our client is very pleased!”
Rodgers Builders

We were asked to create a playhouse for the kids in a bright, spacious room. Our client wanted it to be ultra durable so the kids could climb on it and they wanted it to be a big wow in ...Click here to read more

NICU Broward General Medical

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Completed: December 2010

- Mary Osuch
Nurse Manager, NICU

This unit was slated to be moved several times in the past 15 years and is still the NICU and as outdated as you might imagine. A complete refurbish has been on the back burner waiting for the word on if the unit will be moved. Meanwhile, a quick patch was agreed upon to add some life and compassion to the walls. ...Click here to read more

Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinic

Location: Wilmington, NC
Completed March 2010

“The mural turned out wonderfully.”
- Jackie Weeks
Aesthetic & Planning Specialist
Construction Services

It’s amazing how many facilities are interested in an underwater motif for the design of their medical practice, even non coastal facilities. Studies have shown that a large percentage of people equate island life, warm tropical waters, fish swimming and a sunny beach, with complete relaxation. ...Click here to read more

Richmond Hill Medical Home

Location: Richmond Hill, GA
Completed: February 2011

“The design looks wonderful!”
- John R. Elliott
Sr Project Integrator

This is another facility the military opened for after hours care for the enlisted and their families. We used images of local scenes to create a mural. Then we added their logo and dimensional elements to make the mural pleasing and to represent a feeling of home....Click here to read more

Tuttle Army Health Clinic

Location: Savannah, GA
Completed: July 2006

“Everything looks great. We’re ready for our open house”
- Rita Chesney MAJ

Major Chesney had several patient rooms that they wanted to add artwork to add some color and interest to the rooms. We also included a mural of local scenery with seven 3D animals in the play area. ...Click here to read more

Watson Clinic

Location: Lakeland, FL
Completed: July 2006

“The art work looks really good and the client is happy”
- Eric Kase
Medcorp Interiors

Danay Design was commissioned to install murals in 13 exam rooms, 3D artwork down the hallways, decorate the nurses station with murals, coral and fish and install two large 3D oval murals at either end of the waiting room. ...Click here to read more

Winn Army Intensive Care Unit

Location: Hinesville, GA
Completed: December 2007

“Your work is just outstanding!”
- Linda King
Chief, Pt Advocate & HIPAA Privacy Officer

Patients in the ICU are often heavily sedated or sleeping so, we covered the large windows that overlooked the next patient room with murals of windows looking out onto the water. When a patient is awake, they can enjoy a view of a tropical vacation scene to stay relaxed....Click here to read more

Winn Army Pediatric Waiting Room

Location: Hinesville, GA
Completed: December 2006

“Outstanding job!”
- Colonel Mike Calder
Fort Stewart Army Base

This transformation came about as part of the concept of Patient Family Centered Design. Many hospitals are exploring the idea of integrating elements of design that will allow families to be more involved. ...Click here to read more

Same Day Surgery Winn Army Hospital

Location: Hinesville, GA
Completed: July 2007

“We are proud to have your work in our facility”
- Major Marjorie Johnson

Working with Major Marjorie Johnson on this project will remain a highlight in my career. Never have I worked with anyone so on task, efficient, and appreciative of the work that Danay Design did in the Winn Army Hospital...Click here to read more

Chris Evert Pediatric Emergency Waiting Room

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Completed: October 2005

“Excellent work! Very beautiful.”
- Joe Scott/CEO
Broward General Medical Center

Danay Design was contacted to find a creative way to display the names of all of the donors within a beach theme motif. ...Click here to read more

Humana Medical Plaza

Location: Miami, FL
Completed: October 2006

“Before we ever built this facility we knew we wanted your panda mural in the waiting room. Now that it is up, everybody loves it.”
Blair Retchin, CEO

It doesn’t get any better than to have a client contact you who already has seen and appreciates your work. ...Click here to read more

Cape Fear Valley Health

Location: Fayetteville, NC
Completed: September 2003

“The mural looks fantastic! You have exceeded my very high expectations.”
- Page Rutledge
Rutledge Design Group Carolina Beach, NC

This was a sight unseen project where we were asked to create a mural in our shop on wallpaper then ship it ...Click here to read more

Edward Hospital

Location: Naperville, IL
Completed June 2004

“Thanks for making us look good.” - Kevin Heatter, Project Manager, Pepper Construction, Naperville, IL
“Absolutely stunning! - Pamela Meyer Davis, CEO
Edward Hospital

While our client loved the outcome of this project, we were not entirely satisfied. ...Click here to read more

 Pediatric Waiting Room

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Completed: March 2003

"This is where I'm coming to get away!" Rita Frantz, Director of Women and Children's Services

Who doesn’t like panda bears and leopards? This rainforest theme was meant to create a more restful environment. ...Click here to read more

Pediatric Cancer Care Unit

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Completed: November 1997

“This is amazing! The doctors are pleased and the patients are enthralled!”
- Jane Tuthill, Director

Anyone that has had to deal with “the big C” in their family can empathize with the family of a child that is undergoing treatment for this enigmatic disease. ...Click here to read more

NICU Entrance and Hallways

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Completed: January 1995

Oh my God! This is so gorgeous!
Lillian Rucker, Nurse Manager

This is the project that took a turn in my career from a sign painter and freelance artist to focusing primarily on hospital design and art fabrication. Seeing the results ...Click here to read more

Broward General Maternity

Location: Coral Springs, FL
Completed: June 2015

“What an improvement in our hallway and waiting room. Our patients and staff love it!”
-Alanna Yormark, Nurse ManagerCoordinator

The original idea for this project was nursery rhymes. We developed sketches for murals and the issue came up about ...Click here to read more

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