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Dänay Design™ is an inhouse design and fabrication company with an online product catalog, located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Our design team has devoted their energy to researching and creating artwork that contributes calm and relaxation to the anxious visitor, the fearful patient and the stressed out healthcare worker. We understand the need for positive distraction in general in the healthcare environment. The Dänay Design™ team is dedicated to using our talents to express ourselves in creating unique, hospital appropriate artwork. It is our joy to design and create artwork that serves to elicit tranquility and distraction in an otherwise trepidatious environment.

Dänay Design™ works directly with hospital department heads, architects, project managers and designers in creating transformation within a given budget. With the goal clear, we provide a proposal for fabrication of the project which includes initial conceptual renderings and a price quote. Once the sketches have been approved and we are aligned in intent and price, we involve our team in creating your project. Once the project is completed, we are available to advise on the installation, or will ship the project for your staff to install.

Or, you can purchase any of over 1,000 products online and install yourself!

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint while still providing leading edge artwork for healthcare facilities. Our company’s sustainable operational practices include recycling programs that encompass paper, bottles, computers and office equipment as well as the use of recycled shipping materials and office furniture.

Enough about us, we want to hear from you!  We want the opportunity to transform your environment using Compassionate in Art™.  Patient satisfaction is your goal and ours.  The hospital environment is different than any other and special care must be taken to show patients and staff that they are cared for and appreciated.  We’d like to be part of the solution to creating an environment that will elicit warmth, comfort and compassion.  Thank you for browsing our website.

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