Compassion in Art!

Compassion in Art Plaque

Dänay Design™ has developed their Compassion in Art line to bring softness, benevolence and empathy into the environment.   In hospital areas where patients are suffering, fearful and uncertain, design is critical to facilitate calm, comfort and a feeling of trust.

According to Fred Lee, in his book “If Disney Ran Your Hospital”, assurance, compassion and empathy are the words most stated by patients that are lacking in hospitals.  Visitors and staff also have a level of stress and benefit from compassionate characters, flowing artwork and soothing colors.  It’s simple.  If you want loyal customers, give them what they are asking for.  Make your walls, floors and ceilings say, “we care about your comfort and empathize with your pain.”

When you choose to display Compassion in Art™ in an entire unit, we will send you this plaque with the name of your facility to display in your unit as a symbol of your efforts to provide an optimal environment for your faculty, staff and patients.   You can proudly display the Commitment to Compassionate in Art™ Seal in your own facility. The best patient experience begins with first impressions.  Let your hospital culture reflect compassion and comfort starting with your artwork.

How can you get started transforming your hospital environment with Compassion in Art™?

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