Custom Projects

Danay Design’s Creative Department has been producing quality artwork since 1985.  We work with nearly every media, substrate and theme and have fabricated projects for small clinics and large hospital settings.  Here are some examples of custom projects:

Custom Sculptures


Our skilled team designs fun, hospital appropriate sculptures.  These pieces are fabricated from foam, then coated in fiberglass, painted and clear coated.

Fiberglass Seating

fiberglass coral seats

These pieces have been in hospitals for years with kids playing on them and they still look amazing.  We start with a solid foundation of wood or metal then build a foam structure around it.  Once it is carved, it is covered with fiberglass, then painted and sealed.  We use a high quality vinyl and foam to make a seat cushion that will last.

Custom Furniture

nautical theme for parent lounge

Danay Design created every piece of furniture in this Parent Lounge.  Some of it is wood, some fiberglass and some pvc.  The boat bar even has a draw in it to store napkins and coffee supplies.

Custom Play Areas

children play area

Sturdy, structures that can take the abuse that kids will inevitably inflict upon them.  This is fun stuff for us.  We get to imagine what we would find fun and make it come to life!

Run your idea by us and we can tell you what can be done, how long it will take and what it will cost.

Contact us at or 863-868-6908.

Meanwhile, click Here to see some before and after images.

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