The design process begins with a consultation, either on the phone or in person.  Next we present a rough sketch to convey the ideas that were discussed.   Once we have captured your vision on paper or digitally we can move into the  Development Phase of the project.   We want to earn your trust to create the very best outcome that represents your branding and desired theme within your budget.   We include these examples to show you how you can work with us and what you can expect:

Rough Pencil Sketches or Concept Drawingspencil-sketches-1-hospital-drawings-wall-art

sketch for hospital design

This is the kind of drawing you can expect to see when we talk about a sketch or concept drawing.  Here we are focusing solely on an idea and basic form.

Color Renderingcolor rendering hospital art

Once a basic design is drawn and approved, we present a color rendering of the artwork for final approval.

Artistic Proposalartistic-proposal-faux-finish-on-columns

Our digital team uses a photo provided by the client of an existing area that needs a facelift to show the transformation that is possible.

transforming an office with artwork

This is another example of taking a before photo and showing what can be achieved with paint to change the feel of an office space.

hospital branding

This is an executive office waiting area.  The client wanted the area to express a bolder appearance.  Our proposal was to paint silhouette’s of palm trees on the wall and then to design a 3D seal that would reflect the hospital’s branding.

color rendering for hospital mural

This example shows the proposed wall to design.  The second image was part of the digital process to show the possibilities.  The final two photos shows the completed mural with 3D effects.

military hospital mural

This project shows the original wall in the top left.  Below it we created a digital rendering using live models that we proposed to paint in the mural.  The photo on the right shows the completed mural with the acid stained concrete and faux finish column treatment.

See some before and after photos here.

Should you be interested in seeing the possibilities for an area in your facility, send us a photo of the proposed area below.  In the body of the email include your contact information and your ideas for what you are looking for.  Include as much information as you can, or just let us know if you don’t have any ideas and want us to come up with something. You can email your photo and details here.  We will look over your project and then send you an invoice based on the scope of the project.  Once you make an online payment we will begin creating a digital transformation for you and complete it within 10 days.  We will send you the completed rendering via email along with a price quote for having the project completed by our team.

Visualizing something flat, old and dull come to life is an exciting experience.  We are happy to add this service to help our clients get a glimpse of the possibilities for areas they thought were hopeless.

Click Here to see a lot of before and after images.

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