Plant City Pediatrics


This project was great to be involved with because our clients got it from the beginning that it’s about creating an experience for their patients.  They wanted to elicit confidence from the parents of their patients and trust from the children the moment they walked in the door of this brand new facility…continued after gallery.

Plant City is a historical city, famous for their strawberry festival, with an old train station still standing and a railroad theme displayed throughout the town.  So keeping with this theme, Mary Kifer, Administrator and Dr. Timothy Williams wanted to engage their patients immediately and extend the theme throughout the unit.  Once you are greeted at the front desk by a happy conductor, you have the option of sitting in the well passenger waiting area or the sick passenger waiting area. Fun trains loaded with strawberries are displayed on the wall with children waving.  Hand carved and painted trains on either side of the entrance are also points of interest and distraction.  When a patient is called, they walk down railroad tracks that have been created in flooring.  Outside each patient room is a railroad crossing sign with the room number and a small version of the mural that is inside the room.  It’s as if they are on a train and making a stop at a new location.  Each room has a 3D mural with a different theme.  Some of them are displayed below.  When you leave, there is a caboose at the check out window with people waving out the back and the words, “Goodbye and Good Health”.

Visiting Plant City Pediatrics is a positive experience rather than a dreaded trip to the doctor.

Danay Design uses color, design and 3D effects to create positive distraction and a welcoming, calming, healing environment.  Using wall art, floor decals, ceiling artwork and designs on glass, is a great way to achieve your goal of patient satisfaction.



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