Broward Health Pediatric Unit Transformation


Having created extensive artwork for their sister hospital, Broward General, our clients already knew our work and asked us to give them ideas for using an underwater/fish theme for their Peds Department.  They were especially interested in the 3D aspects of the artwork they had seen and wanted to see what could be done to enhance the entire unit.  One of the problems there were having was that visitors would get off of the elevator and not see the stock hospital sign and walk in the wrong direction…Story continues below the Gallery

We started at the point of getting off the elevator with a fun directional sign on the wall with a dolphin and pelican pointing in the direction of the Peds Unit.  We also placed fish decals on the floor to further indicate the direction to walk in.  The hallway is also lined with waves above the handrail and fish below it.  Portholes frames with images of nurses, physicians and patients also make it clear that you are going in the right direction.  When you come to the peds entrance it is a blast of color with 3D coral and fish, and a welcome.  When you are buzzed in, the doors open to another scene of a 3D dolphin splashing out of the nurses station and more 3D fish and coral on the reception counter.  The continuity of waves, fish and coral extends around the entire unit with more porthole frames displaying activities of patients interacting with animal visitors, nurses and celebrities.  Outside of each patient room is a room number with a different fish character.  This is their mascot for their stay in this room.  Inside the room is a larger version of the character  to keep them company.  Splashes and bubbles trail off of the fish character to add interest.

Compassion in Art™ cutouts in each patient room gives each room another way to identify it and gives patients something in the room with compassionate eyes to “look after them”, when no one else is around.

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