Winn Army Hospital Emergency Triage Center


nurses to paint them in the murals pushing a patient with a wheelchair and another patient on crutches.  We included their bulldog mascot as well.  The murals were framed with aluminum extrusions that accented the whole look. The brick columns were covered with faux finished pvc which tremendously enhanced the mural and total look.   On the concrete walkway we used an acid stain to create an old world look and to enhance the plain old concrete look.  Inside the waiting room we created an old world look to the reception area with breakaways and signage.  A large mural of a peace scene with arches covered one entire wall.  A map of the battle that became the slogan for the entire Fort was printed on the mural with a plaque outlining the actual battle and how the name “Rock of the Marne” came about.  It took our team of 5 an entire week to complete the transformation.  About the 5th day, the facilities management crew came out and complimented us on how well it looked and the installation methods we used.  But it was when the Hospital Commander showed up with his entourage of 7 Colonels that we felt our hair stand up…continued below gallery

It was amazing to get such rave reviews from these very accomplished individuals.  There is something special about giving back to our military comrades who are making the sacrifices that they are for us.  Definitely one of our best experiences.

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