NICU Entrance and Hallways


and how staff and patients respond to a completed project is so meaningful, I have devoted my career to developing ideas for healing environments in hospitals.
When the elevators open, you cannot mistake the Neonatal ICU which has 3D hand carved trees and animals around the entrance.  Once inside on the left is a treehouse with more 3D animals and a 3D sign just ahead.  Around the corner is another huge 3D mural that is enclosed in plexi so the kids can get right up to it and enjoy it.  Then, down the hallway there are four windows that visitors can see the newborns through.  Each window has 3D animals in trees around the entire window.  The four window concepts represent the four seasons.  Walking through double doors into the unit there is a washing sink with another animal cutout above it.      . . .continued below gallery.

What is amazing is this project is still 100% intact in this unit after 20 years.  We are very proud of that!  We have gone in twice in that time and done some touch ups and added more artwork inside the unit.  But the hallway is still full of colorful animals and murals.

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