Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinic

I personally use images from memories sailing in the Caribbean as an aid for letting go.  I imagine the breeze coming across the water, the warm sun and amazing hues of the ocean around the islands.  Snorkeling is another wonderful sensation.  The visual impact of a coral reef instantly erases any kind of anxiety from my body and I feel myself becoming part of the seascape as I float along in complete bliss.

Even if you have never had this kind of experience, a mural of coral and fish offer you the mystique of “being there”.  Unless you’ve been bitten by a shark or some other bad water experience, most people can find pleasure and relaxation from gazing at an underwater scene.  I actually met a woman who lost most of her leg by diving into a shark feeding frenzy and she still loves the ocean and dives regularly.  She’s braver than me.

Here again in this mural, we are using 3D artwork to enhance an underwater theme.  Add a 3D coral seat for the kids to climb on and you’ll have a nice calm waiting area.


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