Pediatric Parent Lounge


When our client, Carol Bhim, contacted us about refurbishing their Parent Lounge, we knew this was an opportunity to create a special environment.  Parents who are tired, anxious and deeply concerned about their children need an atmosphere of calm, a place where they can momentarily ease away from the stress and uncertainty they feel…continued below gallery

So what we created was an island feel with Caribbean colors, soft flowing water and wispy clouds so they could engage their senses in the experience of being on a tropical getaway.  The floor vinyl looks like sand and the ceiling tiles were painted to look like sky. The four walls were covered with murals and dimensional fish were attached to the walls.  A nautical coffee table and book table accented the theme.  A table for kids was also include in the event that children were in the room.  We created a boat bar with a drawer in it to store coffee cream, plastic ware and napkins and snacks are kept on the bar for the parents.

We needed to find a creative way to house the water cooler and used large pvc pipes to create pilings that sit in front of the mural.  So if you’re sitting in the room you can envision walking out onto the pier held up by the pilings and onto a sailboat that sits at the end of the pier.  Between the pilings we built a cabinet that stores two water bottles and another cabinet to the right of boat bar to store two more.  Then, we built a computer table to the left of the pilings so that parents can utilize their time online if they wish.

We had created a waterfall chair for another project that was painted like the mural behind it.  In this case we were able to make a coral chair.  When you sit in this chair, you become a part of the experience.  You can imagine water swirling around your legs as fish dart in and out of the coral.  This is artwork at its finest when a piece of furniture transforms your experience by sitting on it.

Two years later we returned to touch up paint around the entrance door.  The nurses shared how much everyone loves the room and disclosed that it has become their getaway as much as for the  parents.  Our team figured that would be the case anyway because who doesn’t want to escape to a private island from time to time?

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