Hospital Horror or Hospital Healing

Hospital Horror or Hospital Healing?

I took a friend to the ER recently to be seen for a corneal abrasion. We walked into the ER and this ominous column greeted us.
My reaction? Yikes! Might as well add some eyes, teeth and claws because it reeks of monster to me!
Now, add a pleasing scene with soft colors and relaxed birds and see how this makes you feel. This would inspire a sense of invitation and good feelings for me – two birds just relaxed in their environment experiencing the awe of nature.
patient experience
The patient experience begins when they walk through the door. A looming gray column can be converted into something inviting. Thinking about how things appear to visitors can change how you perceive the design of your facility. Simple changes can change the experience from hospital horror to a healing and recovering experience with tasteful artwork. Healthcare design is not rocket science. It’s just a matter of being honest about how things make you feel. When you’re sick, we all need the same things – comfort, reassurance and compassion. Designing with these elements in mind will go a long way to make the patient experience more positive.

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