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Press Release: Compassion In Art


 Danay Design™, located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, is launching:

A new concept in HOSPITAL ART

Compassion in Art™

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Compassion literally means “to suffer together.”  According to patient surveys, compassion and reassurance are the no. 1 area that is neglected in healthcare environments.

Danay Design™ has created a line of compassionate characters either in 2D cutouts or decals for windows to offer patients a comforting friend to keep them company where they are waiting or resting.  Square framed pictures still have their place in hallways and waiting areas, but hospitals need to consider what their walls are saying about them and align their artwork and design with their branding.  We all want to feel cared for and in good hands.  Using Compassion in Art™ is the upcoming new look for hospital walls.

The concept of Compassion in Art originated when owner Danise Rosak saw the need for a more personal setting where patients and visitors can have a more reassuring experience in an otherwise sterile, anxious environment.

You can see our latest project utilizing Compassion in Art™ as well as 29 other projects here.

When:  January 1, 2017

Where:  You can order online from our catalog of over 1000 products or speak with a representative or meet with a consultant.

Why now?  The hospital environment should not emulate a theme park.  When you are well you can enjoy the bright colors and monstrous displays.  Hospitals are just beginning to realize that healing takes place in an environment of soft colors, calming and reassuring design and hospital appropriate artwork.

Contact::   Danise Rosak, Creative Director        danise@danaydesign.com           863-868-6908

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