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Broward Health seeking to improve patient outcome with Compassion in Art™

January 25, 2017
Contact: Danise Rosak, Creative Director
Danay Design
6804 Thonotosassa Road
Plant City, FL 33565
Broward Health Transformation Adds Compassion to their Emergency Room and Pediatric Unit See the entire project here.
Location: Broward Health Coral Springs 3000 Coral Hills Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065

Broward Health commissioned Dänay Design™ to create an environment of compassion and healing within the theme of underwater life. It was clear in the beginning that the characters for this project would all be designed with Compassion in mind. It starts in the ER where families of fish wait calmly to walk into the Triage Room (or the “Feel Better Castle” as stated on the door) for their initial assessment. Upon entering this room, the first thing you see is a fish with a nurse cap showing compassion for wounded fish. On another wall one fish is holding and comforting a smaller fish. It creates an environment of caring from the moment you enter. Then as you head down the hallway, soft waves guide you into an exam room where you are accompanied during your stay by your own compassionate mascots watching out for you and making you feel they understand what you’re going through. Every room has different fish characters showing compassion to each other. When you are escorted through the ER doors to go home, the nurse always says, “Feel Better”. Artwork helps to make an overall experience of pain and suffering less traumatic by caring through design. Right up into the 3rd floor peds unit, this theme is expressed with 18 rooms with 18 different characters to ease your feeling of being alone and scared.
Broward Health of Coral Springs continues to offer the highest level of care through all their services and by caring through design. “We believe our pediatric patients will feel the difference in the level of care they receive and have less trepidation to return to the “Feel Better Castle” should the need arise. We want to be the Community Hospital that you know will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and cared for.”
Karen Bock, Regional Manager, Children’s Services Broward Health Coral Springs
Not only is this an added way to comfort patients and their families, but nurses, staff and physicians express that they enjoy coming to work more and feel more calm in general with the color scheme, compassionate characters and calming effect of water swirling down the hallways.

Featured in USA Today, Florida Monthly and Healthcare Design Magazine.

Contact: Danise Rosak, Creative Director 863-868-6908

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