What Is Compassion In Art?

What is Compassion in Art?

Visiting a hospital, we are transported from our normal state of mind to a hypersensitive state of awareness.  We become aware of people suffering around us and the suffering we have endured ourselves.  Compassion in Art helps make the transition from our everyday experiences to the general anxiety triggered by the hospital environment.  There is a dread of the unknown and uncertainty of what we might have to endure in our waiting and treatment.  Creating an environment with artwork, that directs the mind to be calm, to trust and feel assured that we will be cared for will alleviate a lot of this tension and bring about a more pleasant reality.

Compassion literally means “to suffer together.”  By a display of compassion, anxiety is lessened and healing begins to take place as fear is dissipated and confidence is built.  Designing with Compassion in Art communicates your intention to provide superlative health care to your patients by cultivating trust.  A picture does say a thousand words and expressing compassion through art implants the idea that you truly care.  Compassion can be expressed through art using color and design in creating characters with expressions that say “we care” and “we are in this together”.

Other types of art that are very useful in contributing to a compassionate ambience includes words within the art such as “comfort”, “kindness” and “ compassion” as a form of autosuggestion as well as to remind everyone of the state of mind that is optimal for everyone.  Also, a scene can evoke compassion without stating it outright.  Imagine a small child holding an umbrella over a kitten to protect it from getting wet.  You instantly “get it” and it affects your attitude, reminding you of the value of kindness and consideration.  Art has a huge impact on how we all feel in an enclosed space.  Through expression and humor, color and design, Compassion in Art™ communicates genuine caring.

Fred Lee, in his book “If Disney Ran Your Hospital”, states that, based on patient surveys, what is lacking most in hospitals regarding patient care is assurance.  Compassion in Art is a key element to set the tone of caring in a campaign to strengthen and support the needs of patients, families and staff.

Danay Design is launching the Compassion-in-Art™ Advantage this year, after 20 years of design and fabrication for healthcare facilities; the advantage being, designing with area-appropriate art suited for the needs of each micro environment of a hospital.  Thinking like a patient, visitor, or a nurse is the core of our design process.  Providing artwork that expresses compassion and that contributes to healing and a positive workplace, should be the goal of any healthcare facility that is interested in patient satisfaction.  Hospitals that outfit a unit with  Compassion in Art™, will receive a Compassion in Art  plaque in their ER waiting room to commend their efforts to cultivate compassion in their facility.

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